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New Mexico State University

What Can I Do With a Bachelor in Applied Studies?

Anything you want!


What is the Bachelor of Applied Studies?

The Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) is designed for students with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or equivalent degree from an accredited institution. Building on prior education, the BAS provides students with broader experiences in technical career areas.

A student can focus their studies in one or morel specific areas of interest or build on the Associates Degree he/she may already possess.   This degree allows latitude with choices of different courses instead of the restriction of a focused degree plan.   All degree plans are subject to review and approval by the academic advisors in the College of Extended Learning.   Students pursuing this degree possess the education and skill-set to work in a variety of professional fields such as business, government, education, heath care related occupations, advocacy, mediation, or use the degree for the purpose of advancement in his/her chosen career field.

Why does NMSU offer a BAS?

The Bachelor of Applied Studies promotes the mission and purpose of NMSU by making available more flexible degree options and providing a pathway of study for community college graduates with technical and applied degrees. The student population targeted for this program differs significantly from traditional degree programs at NMSU. Many students seeking admission to this program are employed or have been employed in an industry. Thus, the prime candidate for the BAS program is a mature student with real-world work experience. The BAS affords new opportunities to prospective students and helps minimize credit loss for students holding associate degrees in technical and applied areas when transferring to NMSU.


Career Titles

Personnel Director
Account Executive
Publications Coordinator
Market Researcher
Television Programming Director
Public Interest Group Director
Health Science Administrator
City Planner
Grants Coordinator
Crisis Center Virector
Counselor (e.g. substance abuse, battered women)
Probation Officer
Social Worker
University Academic Administrator
Student Services Director
Affirmative Action Representative


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