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New Mexico State University

What Can I Do With a Major In Criminal Justice?

Areas of Focus

Juvenile, Probation/Parole, Courts, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Federal Agencies, Criminalistics/Forensics, Private Security


Career Titles

Airport Security Officer
Customs Agent
Litigation Manager
Deportation Officer
Body Guard
Deputy Marshall
Military Officer
Border Patrol Agent
Naval Investigator
CIA Agent
Discrimination Investigator
Non-Profit Organization Advocate
Child Support Agency Worker
Drug Enforcement Agent
Community Service Coordinator
Employment Agency Recruiter
Park Ranger
Compliance Manger
ATF Special Agent
Police Officer
Corrections Officer
FBI Agent
Postal Service Investigator
Court Administrator
Fish and Game Warden
Pre-Trail Service Officer
Court Clerk
Loss Prevention Specialist
Conservation/Wildlife Officer
IRS Agent
Industrial Secretary Specialist
Probation & Parole Officer
Juvenile Court Counselor
Law Clerk/Paralegal
Public Safety Officer
Secret Service Agent
Social Worker
Victim Advocate Specialist
Youth Advocate
US Customs Agent
US Marshall
Criminal Investigator
Law Librarian
Prison Warden
Corrections Facilities Manager
Contracts Administrator
Substance Abuse Counselor
Private Investigator
Intelligence Analyst
Cybersecurity Specialist
Juvenile Probation Officer
Polygraph Examiner
Information Security Specialist
Air Marshall
Secret Service Agent
Immigration Inspector
Emergency Operations Director
Animal Treatment Investigator
DEA Agent
U.S. Capitol Policeperson
Emergency Management Specialist
Environmental Conservation Officer
Transportation Security Specialist
Corrections Residence Counselor
Center for Science, Technology, and Security Scientist


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