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New Mexico State University

What Can I Do With a Major In Information Systems?


Areas of Focus

Administrative and Technical Positions in the fields of analysis and design of computerized information systems in information system service organizations, public accounting/consulting firms, manufacturing and merchandising business, banks, financial institutions


Career Titles

Technical Support Representative
Computer Graphics Technician
Senior Applications Planner
Operations Manager
Research & Development Laboratory Programmer
Strategic Analyst
Marketing Consultant
Management Information Systems Corporate Officer
Product Manager
Systems Analyst
Corporate Security Specialist
Telecommunications Manager
Graphic Artist
Training Specialist
Technical Writer
Computer Assisted Instruction Curriculum Developer
Integrated Library Software Designer
Artificial Intelligence Developer
Communications Control Technician
Public Health Service Computer Specialist
Defense Department Equipment Analyst
Systems Programmer
Technical information specialist
Information Analyst
Health Information Database Designer
Expert Systems Designer
Automated Systems Designer
Applications Programmer
Research Assistant
Chief Information Officer
Computer Animator
Computer Science Engineer
Computer Service Technician
Database Manager
Data Processing Department Manager
Hardware Salesperson
Software Engineer
Software Package Marketer
Computer Security Specialist
Database Analyst
Data-Entry Equipment Operator
Electronic Data Processing Auditor
Robotics Technician
Software Package Developer
Software Salesperson
Systems Manager
Word Processor
Numerical Analyst
ISO 2000 Specialist
Artificial Intelligence Programmer


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