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New Mexico State University

What Can I Do With a Major In Management?

The field of business administration and management involves the coordination, implementation, promotion, supervision, and directing of the activities of individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Areas of Focus

Human Resource, Project & Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Production & Materials, Supervision


Career Titles

Account Executive
Government Services Administrator
Media Planner
Bank Manager
Health Services/Hospital Admin.
Mortgage Loan Officer
Benefits Manager
Hotel Manager
Occupational Analyst
Branch Manager-Any Industry
Human Resource Manager
Operations Manager
Budget Officer
Industrial Relations Director
Outside Property Agent
Commodity - Industry Analyst
Information Systems Manager
Payroll Officer
Communications Officer
Insurance Agent
Personnel Manager
Compensation Manager
International Business Manager
Personnel Recruiter
Computer Operations Supervisor
Job Analyst
Promotions Manager
Construction Supervisor
Labor Relations Manager
Provisioning Manager
Loan Officer
Public Utilities Manager
Credit Analyst
Management Analyst
Purchasing Agent
Credit and Collections Manager
Management Trainee
Employment Counselor
Manufacturing Supervisor
Quality Control Auditor
Entertainment Agent
Market Information Specialist
Real Estate Agent/Broker
Financial Analyst
Market Research Analyst
Recreation Manager
Foreign-Exchange Trader
Media Planner
Reports Analyst
Restaurant/Food Service Manager
Stock Broker
Training Manager
Retail Sales Manager
Transportation Director
Sales Manager
Telecommunication Marketer
Travel Agent
Securities Trader
Telecommunications System Coordinator
Trust Administrator
Service Organization Manager
Traffic Manager
Voice/Data Service Operations Manager


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