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New Mexico State University

What Can I Do With a Major In Nutrition and Food Sciences?

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." -La Rochefoucauld


Areas of Focus

Dietetics including Community, Clinical Management and Consultant, Food Science and Technology, Nutrition and Fitness, Pre-health with an Emphasis in Nutrition


Career Titles

Clinical Dietitians
Food Product Sales Representative
Health Club Consultant
Public Sector Health Educator
Home Economist
Pharmaceutical Sales
Food Service Manager
Community Dietitians
Food Manufacturing
Health Inspector
Management Dietitians
Consultant Dietitians
Exercise Science
Registered Nurses
Consultant Dietitians


Career Related Websites

The U.S. Department of Labor

The Institute of Human Nutrition

United States Department of Agriculture

Lucida Staffing Group

Pub Med