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What Can I Do With a Major In Psychology?

Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior. It seeks to understand and explain both normal and abnormal behavior, mental ability, perception, development, and differences in individuals.


Areas of Focus

Industrial and Organizational psychology- job advisor, measurement psychologist, study job morale, developmental psychology, psychology of personality, social psychology, educational psychology

Counseling Psychology- vocational rehabilitation, employment bureaus/social agencies, rehabilitation centers, public/private hospitals

Clinical and Abnormal psychology- development of principles, methods, techniques, manifestations, and personality defects

Community psychology- how we function at home, school, and our communities

Developmental psychology- human development from birth to death and explanations of personal differences and similarities

Educational psychology- how people learn as applied to schools, industry, and technology

Environmental psychology- how we see different spaces to be more comfortable in our environments and personal space

Experimental psychology- research, animal work, how we speak and understand

Neuropsychology/Psychobiology- relations between physical systems and behavior. Lab and medical settings, research, testing

Psychometrics and Quantitative psychology- math, data analysis, psychological testing, assessment

Rehabilitation psychology- effects of birth trauma, stroke, and handicaps. Try to overcome situational and psychological obstacles

School psychology- deal with emotional, psychological, and intellectual development of young people as in an educational system, guidance counselor, deliver workshops

Family psychology- importance of family as a formative structure in our lives for the prevention and treatment of marital and family problems through research and application

Health psychology- concerned with psychology of health maintenance

Social psychology- interested in how our attitudes and opinions are formed and changed
Psychology of Aging- understanding the impact of aging and helps cope with growing old.

Psychology and Law, and Forensic psychology- bridges the gap between psychology and law enforcement.

Psychology and Gender- development of gender identity, impact of socialization on self-identity, issues of abuse, hormonal influences


Career Titles

Day Care Center Director
Employment Counselor
Youth Counselor
Volunteer Services Director
Child Development Specialist
Health-Service Administrator
Rehabilitation Worker
Clinical Psychologist
Mental Health Coordinator
Psychiatric Nurse
Probation/Parole Officer
Psychiatric Social Worker
Probation Officer
Corrections Officer
Correctional Caseworker
Police Officer
Industrial Relations Coordinator
Job analyst
Marketing Manager
Training Specialist
Organizational Psychologist
Employment Recruiter
Advertising Account Manager
Marker Research Analyst
Systems Analyst
Consumer Psychologist
Labor Relations Coordinator
Human Resource Manager
Biomedical Laboratory Technician
Art Director
Business Administrator
Computer Programmer
Executive Search Consultant
Statistician Assistant
School Psychologist
School Counselor
Experimental Psychology Researcher
Clinical Psychology Researcher
Curriculum Designer
College Student Affairs Administrator
Consumer Researcher
Statistical Report Writer
Technical Writer
Media Director
Public Opinion Survey Worker
Vocational Teacher
Crisis Intervention Counselor
Affirmative Action Officer
Community Organizer
Relocation Worker
Policy Analyst
Field Health Officer
Health Policy planner
Environmental Psychologist
Activity Leader
Assistant Account Executive
Food and Beverage Assistant
Media Buyer
Media Planner
Television/Media Research
Program Developer
Recreation Specialist
Health Club Assistant Manager
Social Service Professional Staff
Cottage Parent
Public Relations Specialist
Music Therapist
Physical Therapist
Art Therapist


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