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What Can I Do With a Major In Social Work?

Social work is the study of the processes that assist those in our society who are unable to cope with serious personal and social problems


Areas of Focus

Family, Child, School, Medical, Public Health, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Planners, Policymakers


Career Titles

Foster Parent Coordinator
Public Health Educator
Advocate (e.g. children, ethnic group members, aging)
Genetic Counselor
Transplant Registry Database Manager
Job Counselor
Health-Service Administrator
Drug/Alcohol Abuse Counselor
Crisis Center Director
Rehabilitation Specialist
Geriatric Care Specialist
Adoption Service Counselor
Guidance Counselor
Bilingual/Bicultural Program Specialist
Vocational Teacher (of adults)
Academic Advisor/Counselor
Teacher of English as a Second Language
College Administrator
Compensation Analyst
Collections Manager
Foundation Program Manager
Marketing Researcher
Media Planner
Corporate Trainer
Student Services Director
Affirmative Action Representative
School Social Worker
Court Caseworker
Bureau of Indian Affairs Researcher
Probation Officer
Public Interest Group Director
Grants Coordinator
Congressional Committee Staff Director
Coroner/Medical Examiner
Head Start Program Director
State/Federal Government Policy Analyst
Public Administrator
Urban Planner
Correctional Center/Program Counselor
Industrial Psychologist
Employment Recruiter
Loan Officer/Bank Employee
Union Legal Counsel
Environmental Impact Assessment Researcher
Executive Search Consultant
Human Resources Manager
Management Consultant
Marketing Manager
Advertising Account Executive
Art Director
Hotel Manager
Child Welfare Worker
Cooperative Extension Worker
Family Services Social Worker
Home Economist
Marriage Counselor
Peace Corps/VISTA Worker
Psychiatric Social Worker
Residential Counselor
School Psychologist
Social Service Director
Community Service Agency Director
Employee-Assistance Administrator
Group Home Director
Human Services Worker
Technical Writer
Criminal Justice/Corrections Specialist
Policy & Planning Specialist
Sexual Abuse Worker


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Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1998-1999– Outlook for Specific Occupations

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