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What Can I Do With a Major In Sociology?

“Sociology is the examination of two areas: the social relationships or interactions of people in groups and the role expectations or common beliefs and values people are likely to have about themselves and others within what they regard as their group.” Great Jobs for Sociology Majors


Areas of Focus

Classical and Contemporary theory

Statistics and computer-based social data analysis-research offices, public opinion polling agencies, marketing firms

Organizational theory and bureaucracy – improving productivity and quality, dealing with downsizing and management corporate reorganization

World systems theory, social inequality, law and society, social changes theory – provide insight into other societies that will be invaluable to the corporate world with the global economy increasing

Minority group and race relations- useful in any line of work especially human resource fields

Urban sociology, community sociology and sociology of education- use in urban planning agencies or youth –related agencies

Sociology of women/gender roles – provide insight in agencies that serve women or focus on women’s policy and research such as shelters, rape crisis centers, government agencies, and think tanks

Criminology, sociology of law, criminal justice, penology and corrections- probation parole, juvenile delinquency, gangs, statistics, and policing

Social psychology and sociology of mental health, human motivation and attitudes – sales, marketing, advertising, counseling, community organizing, social structure, and social service agency work

Sociology of aging, gerontology, social policy of aging, sociology of health, medical sociology – direct delivery of service to seniors, insurance companies, or policy, legislative, research, and government organizations that focus on aging


Career Titles

Educator Care Manager
Case Worker
City Manager
Teen Center Director
Community Services Specialist
Family Counselor
Fund-Raising Asst. Director
Aging Specialist
Hospital Administrator
Labor Relations Specialist
Adoption Agent
Prevention Counselor
Project Manager
Program Director
Public Administrator
Public Assistance Worker
Public Relations Manager
Research Assistant
Corrections Officer
Social Worker
Women’s Counselor
Substance Abuse Counselor
Youth Specialist
Mental Health Counselor
Employment Services Worker
Benefits Administrator
Affirmative Action Coordinator
Compensation Manager
Employee Benefits Manager
Employee Assistants Manager
Employment Interviewer
Grievance Officer
Human Resources Manager
Job Analyst
Labor Relations Specialist
Personal Administrator
Parole/Probation Officer
Training Specialist
Customs Inspector
Human Rights Worker
Legislative Aide
Intelligence Research Specialist
Peace Corps Volunteer
Urban Planner
Research Director
Data Analyst
Policy Analyst
Statistical Analyst
Social Survey Director
Population Analyst
Community Organizer
Family Shelter Director
Teen Center Director
Volunteer Coordinator
Nonprofit Fund Raiser
Grant Writer
School to Work Coordinator
Veterans Affairs Specialist
Volunteer Coordinator
Secret Service Agent
Consumer Advocate
Legislative Aide
Child & Youth Protective Services Coordinator


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