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New Mexico State University

What Can I Do With a Major In Soil Science?

“Essentially, all life depends upon the soil ... There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together.” Charles E. Kellogg


Areas of Focus

Physical, Chemical, and Biological characteristics and behavior of soils, and their management for both agricultural and nonagricultural uses


Career Titles

Environmental Landscaper
Agricultural Consultant
Soil Conservationist
Plant Genetics Engineer
Greenhouse Manager
Irrigation Designer
Plant Breeder
Agricultural Newspaper Journalist
Cooperative Extension Service Agent
Parks & Recreation Manager
Vegetable Grower
Agricultural Product Sales Representative
Grounds Maintenance Manager
Environmental Consultant
Lawn & Garden Manager
Landscape Designer
Golf Course Superintendent
Soil Mapper
Farm Manager
Nursery Manager
Landscape Irrigation Manager
Soil Scientist
Produce Supplier
Landscape Construction Manager


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