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New Mexico State University

Career Counseling

Just think…someone available to answer your questions regarding careers, majors, career planning, and address your individual concerns regarding career choice, planning and development. Someone to help you plan and develop an action plan for your career path. Career Counselors listen to you, help you clarify your ideas, and aid in creating a career “game plan” that fits for you.

Stop by the Career Exploration Center , Garcia Annex, 1st floor, NE corner (next to the walkway between Corbett Center and Garcia Annex).
Hours: Monday-Friday; 8-5
Appointment: call 646-2241 to schedule your appointment

(Free for NMSU students and confidential)


Comments you may find familiar

“I didn't know you could go to medical school with a psychology major.”
“I was really confused, and coming to the Career Center helped a lot.”
“I am graduating in a semester and don't know what I want to do.”
“I am a biology major, and not doing well. I am thinking of changing majors.”
“I like Art but don't want to be a starving artist. What else can I do?”
“Everyone I hang out with knows what they want to major in…how come I don't?”
“I want a career that will support my family. What career is that?”
“Should I immediately go on for a graduate degree?”

If some of these statements sound familiar, come into the Career Exploration Center and talk with a counselor.



Career counseling
Information of majors and careers
Interest assessments
Career information such as: descriptions, job outlook, projected salary information, educational requirements