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New Mexico State University

Career Testing

Career assessments (aka “testing”) can help identify your interests.

The NMSU Career Exploration Center offers the following assessments free to currently enrolled NMSU students. Community people are welcome to take the Choices assessment for free or the other assessments for a fee (call 646-2241 for more information).

Walk-in - no appointment needed

CHOICES: a computer based career planning system that articulates your interests, skill, and work values creating a list of suggested list of occupations you can consider. Also, there is a database of career information, university information, and a financial aid search.

The following assessments are available after meeting with a career counselor:

Strong Interest Inventory: provides a list of suggested occupations by comparing your interests with people in those occupations. Also, it suggests potential college majors.

Campbell Interest & Skills Survey: articulates your interests and skills in various career categories and provides career suggestions for consideration.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: a personality assessment relates how you approach tasks, gather information, and make decisions. It is very relevant to career choice.

Career Occupational Preference System (COPS): provides a picture of career interests from 16 different career families.



1. Internet Career Connection
2. The Career Key Test
3. Type Focus Personality Assessment
4. MAPP- Motivational Assessment of Personal Potential
4. My Future » Click on “career toolbox”
6. Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Career assessments will NOT give you THE answer to career choice. They are a part of the total career development process.