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New Mexico State University

Past Chairs of the Caucus

Past Chairs of the Hispanic Faculty Staff Caucus


1994-1995 Herman García 2000-2001 Anthony Casaus 2006-2007 Herman García


Marc Legarreta      
1995-1996   2001-2002 Eric López 2007-2008 Freddy Marquez    
1996-1997   2002-2003 Elisa Sánchez 2008-2009 Mozella García    
1997-1998   2003-2004 Bill Quintana 2009-2010 Viola Fuentes-Maruyama    
1998-1999   2004-2005 Luis Vázquez 2010-2011 Christina Chávez Kelley    
1999-2000 Enedina Vázquez 2005-2006 Cris Rodriguez


Spencer Herrera







If you were, or someone you know was, the Chair of the Hispanic Faculty Staff Caucus during the 1980's or 1990's, please contact Christina Chávez Kelley at  We need your help in completing our list of distinguished leaders.  ¡Gracias!