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Diversity Stole Celebration May 2012




End-of-Year Celebration Held on May 5, 2011

The HFSC held its End-of-Year Celebration on Thursday, May 5, 2011.  Numerous graduating students were honored with Academic and Leadership Diversity Stoles.  In addition, we honored Dr. Antonio Lara and Dr. Bill Quintanta with Outstanding Senior Faculty Awards, Dr. Jessica Perea Houston with an Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, Dr. Mozella Garcia with the Outstanding Professional Staff Award, and Charlene Shroulote with the Outstanding Graduate Student Award.  Some photos from our celebration are shown below:


First Leadership Summit March 15, 2010

We are delighted to include these great photos of our First Leadership Summit, which took place in Corbett Center on March 15, 2010.  These photos were taken by Virginia Hernandez. 

We are honored that many of our elected officials took time from their busy schedules to attend our First Leadership Summit on March 15, 2010. Special thanks goes to Melanie Goodman from Senator Jeff Bingaman's office, Arturo Terrazas from Congressman Harry Teague's office, Senator Steve Fishman, Senator Mary Jane Garcia, and Senator Mary Kay Papen.  Laura Gutierrez Spencer accepted the Certificate of Appreciation for Rep. Joni Gutierrez.  Thanks also goes to Ricardo Jacquez, Margie Huerta (accepting Certificate for DACC is Sylvia Duran Nickerson), Marc Legaretta, and Maria Legaretta.  Viola Fuentes is joined by Bill Quintana and Ricardo Jacquez.  Several of our students join in the photo opportunity with our elected officials.


This next set of photos show President Margie Huerta (DACC); students Marc Legaretta and Charlene Shroulote; Dr. Paul Gutierrez and Richard Trujillo; Amanda Hernandez and Sylvia Duran Nickerson; Regent Chris Anaya, Regent Javier Gonzales with several of our student leaders; Regents Anaya and Gonzalez with Dean Ricardo Jacquez; former Governor Toney Anaya, who gave the keynote address; officers of the Caucus with Governor Anaya; President Barbara Couture during her presentation; panelists led by Laura Gutierrez Spencer and Viola Fuentes, and Provost Jay Jordan.  We thank all of you who helped make the Leadership Summit a huge success!  We especially thank Dean Jacquez and President Huerta for their financial contributions.


End-of-Year Celebration Held on May 1, 2009

We hope you will enjoy these photos taken at the reception the Caucus hosted on May 1, 2009 at the President's Residence.  We appreciate those members who joined us at that event.  Several of our Regents and elected officials joined us when we honored our students, who graduated in May 2009.