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New Mexico is Our Campus

NMSU provides learning opportunities to a diverse population of students and community members at five campuses, a satellite learning center in Albuquerque, cooperative extension offices located in each of New Mexico’s 33 counties, 12 research and science centers and through distance education.

NMSU Campuses

Cooperative Extension

The Cooperative Extension Service provides practical, research-based knowledge throughout New Mexico and beyond. Extension staff, located in all 33 counties and tribal offices, deliver 4-H programs, conduct trainings, and share research-based information about livestock, nutrition, horticulture, and many other topics.

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Research Centers

Agricultural Experiment
A network of scientists conducting foundational and applied research to support agriculture, consumers, and the environment, the Agricultural Experiment Station operates throughout New Mexico. Since 1889, the Agricultural Experiment Station has contributed to economic development, sustainable use of natural resources, and safe, high-quality food and fiber for New Mexicans.

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Agricultural Science
Focusing on the needs of state and local communities, Ag Science Centers generate knowledge reflecting New Mexico's specific environmental, economic and cultural conditions. From crop production to forest biology, animal and range science, and homeowners' concerns, researchers at Agricultural Science Centers in each region of New Mexico study climates, soils, crops, and pests and provide recommendations tailored to local conditions.

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The NMSU Astronomy Department operates the Apache Point Observatory for the Astrophysical Research Corporation (ARC), a collaborative partnership that includes NMSU, University of Washington, University of Chicago, the Institute of Advanced Study, Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Apache Point Observatory is located in the Sacramento Mountains in southern New Mexico, and is home to four astronomical telescopes.

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New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA)

Written more than 100 years ago, the New Mexico State Constitution called for “a department of agriculture [under] the board of regents of the college of agriculture and mechanic arts.” That explains the collaborative relationship that still exists between the New Mexico Department of Agriculture and New Mexico State University, as well as why NMDA is located on the campus of NMSU.

Today, NMDA works to promote local food and agriculture, to protect the health of large and small animals, to ensure high-quality dairy products, to advocate for farmers and ranchers’ reliance upon natural resources, to promote the approved use of agricultural inputs like plant seeds and fertilizer, and to ensure fairness in the marketplace.

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