Navigating Through Cascade

Once you have been authorized as a user, you may use your my.NMSU credentials
to begin using the Cascade Content Management System for your website.

Log in to 


IMPORTANT: Do NOT include the "" part of your username.



Now that you are in, navigate to your site by accessing the list on the top left corner.

Click the word SITE.

site navigation

Scroll down through the list of sites.

Click on the name of your site.

scrolling through sites


Your site will display as a folder, as will any sub-directories. On the left panel,
you can expand a folder to list all its contents by clicking on the folder.

Click the topmost folder.

The folder's contents will display on the preview panel in the lower right.

Preview Panel area

Each file has a distinctive black icon next to its name, indicating the file types, such as blocks, formats, templates, files, and pages.
For now, we will focus on the Pages file type, which bear an icon resembling a sheet of paper.

Click on the Page you want to edit.

(Avoid other files such as Blocks or Images for now.)

site contents