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Outreach efforts at NMSU help to extend our expertise in research teaching, and the development of our resources with communities throughout New Mexico and the world. NMSU Extension provides the people of New Mexico with practical, research-based knowledge and programs to improve their quality of life.


33 counties

NMSU has a presence in each of the state's counties through the Cooperative Extension Service.

Online Resources

learning games lab

The Learning Games Lab

The Learning Games Lab, part of Innovative Media Research and Extension, specializes in designing and testing educational tools. Research-based educational games and interactives address math and science education, food safety, ATV safety, horse handling, and provides resources for food service workers, laboratory workers, and Chinese-language speakers.

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outreach publications

Outreach Publications

Cooperative Extension Service (CES) Publications provide practical, research-based information to help improve your life.

They are available in HTML and PDF formats for viewing on a wide variety of devices.

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innovative media

Innovative Media Research & Extension

Innovative Media Research and Extension (formerly known as Media Productions) is a research and design studio that produces educational, research-based games and media for a wide variety of partners. Games, videos, apps and interactive tools created here have been accessed more than 92 million times since 2011.

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Arrowhead Center

Arrowhead Center

Arrowhead Center is your partner, working to take advantage of innovation and business opportunities that improve the region’s economy through K-thru-University Student Entrepreneurship, Business Creation & Growth, Intellectual Property & Tech Commercialization, and Regional Economic Development Collaboratives.

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