About PSL

PSL is a world-recognized leader in sub-orbital platforms, specialized intelligence community support, advanced NASA scientific exploration and experimentation, homeland security sensing and detection technologies, and advanced weapons/countermeasures development. 

Founded in 1946 in response to the nation's space and rocket programs, PSL's capabilities and resources have enabled us to provide exceptional support to important scientific and technical activities across the nation and around the globe.

PSL's partners with corporations and government agencies to develop trained technical specialists by offering outstanding student opportunities to participate in sponsored projects in a strongly supportive, mentored environment with top-tier research supervision.

PSL's offers a wide variety of robust capabilities in unmanned aerial systems, telemetry and community communications all in a classified security environment. PSL and NMSU offer these capabilities to provide for a stronger national defense and, faster technology transfer to commercial applications while strengthening the regional economy and providing faculty and students unique research opportunities.