American Rescue Plan

The federally funded American Rescue Plan (HEERF III) provides financial assistance to higher education institutions, as well as students. A total of $25,075,650 million was awarded to New Mexico State University for financial grants to students to assist with any component of their Cost of Attendance or for emergency cost that arise due to coronavirus.  As of 8/31/2021 $7,515,520 has been awarded. 

Following the guidance of the Department of Education, NMSU prioritized all high needs students. Students had to apply for the funds and the FAFSA was used to determine high need.  All students having an EFC in the Pell eligible range (0 - 5711) were identified as high need.  Students with an EFC ranging from 0 - 5711 were awarded $800 and students with an EFC that was greater than 5711 received $500.  Students with incomplete FAFSA’s and rejected FAFSA’s were reviewed to make an EFC determination.  If the EFC could be determined they were awarded based on the guidelines stated previously.  If the EFC could not be determined they were awarded $500.  Students without a FAFSA received $500.

Estimated Number of Eligible Students at NMSU


Number of Students who have received Emergency Aid Grants



Last Updated: 9/2/2021

A total of $57,364,810 Million was awarded to New Mexico State University for costs associated with significant changes to the delivery of instruction due to COVID-19. Six major categories were identified based on guidance form the Department of Education; Student Support, Remote Learning Expansion, IT Capacity Expansion, Training for changes in Delivery of Instruction, Sanitization and Lost Revenue.

Budget Cares Act - Institutional $51,390,247.00
Student Support $5,627,549.44
Remote Learning Expansion $2,548,791.81
IT Capacity Expansion $723,650.42
Training for changes in Instruction Delivery $266,000.53
Sanitization $1,334,363.52
Lost Revenue  $10,736,459.57
Total Expenses through 8/31/21 $21,236,815.29

As needs are identified by departments the appropriate Business Manager will review requests and initiate the expenditures. Sponsored Projects Accounting will conduct a final compliance review to determine allowable expenses.

Cares MSI Funding
Budget Cares MSI $5,974,563.00
Total Expenditures MSI $1,594,242.89
HEERF Quarterly Reporting as of 6.30.2021 (PDF Download)
HEERF Quarterly Reporting as of 3.31.2021 (PDF Download)
HEERF Quarterly Reporting as of 12.31.2020 (PDF Download)
HEERF Quarterly Reporting as of 9.30.2020 (PDF Download)